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Learn many cleaning tips you might want to know about do-it-yourself carpet and upholstery cleaning and restoration by turning to Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning of Sonora, California. Below you’ll find a wealth of information on the best ways to clean your tile, group, and furniture, as well as when you need to call in a professional. Contact us today to speak with an expert about your specific needs.

Carpet Stain Cleaning Tips
Excessively dirty traffic lanes on any carpet can be a challenge to get clean, especially if the carpet is worn or the fibers have been scratched. This can lead to excessive dirt buildup that grinds at the carpet fibers over time, making traffic lanes next to impossible to clean and restore. That being said, there are still ways to make those traffic lanes look much better than they currently do!

Even if your carpet is damaged, you can ensure it looks its best without having to replace entire sections. Professional carpet cleaners have access to a large array of traffic cleaning solutions, but for most homeowners it usually doesn’t pay to buy larger quantities of these products. For a homeowner with high-traffic cleaning in mind, a product such as Bissell’s® Tough Stain pre-cleaner can help. Also, a carpet scrubber may be necessary to get traffic lanes cleaner than with a rented shampoo machine alone. Scrubbers can be rented at many janitorial supply centers.