Call Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning in Sonora, California at (209) 694-4797 to a long standing trusted carpet and upholstery cleaning service in the Sonora, CA area. We are not a one hour in and out carpet cleaning service. We take our time and actually do the carpet cleaning not just to look good on the surface only, but to be actually deep down cleaned. Our stain and dirt removal techniques will give you a carpet cleaning that you can just see and smell is very clean, each and every time. Choose us as your next carpet cleaning service and we don’t think you will be disappointed. For a deep carpet cleaning, the only good way is with a rotary 360 degree spinning head unit with multi-spray jets and multi-vacuums like we use at Cornerstone Carpet Cleaning. The carpet is actually flushed of dirt with a volume of water that actually removes dirt much better than the typical carpet cleaning wand. Very few companies purchase these rotary machines because of the cost of these units. Drying times are also cut back when using these rotary cleaning units and the end result is always a much cleaner carpet than with a wand. Also as a result of this better method of carpet cleaning we rid your carpet of dust mites, animal hair, dust and other unwanted stuff living in your carpet. We will do this for your carpet by you contacting us for your carpet cleaning appointment. Choose us as your next carpet cleaning service, we won’t let you down and will always do the best work that can be done. We offer carpet cleaning in the Sonora, Jamestown, Columbia, CA areas and all of the cities in the close vicinity of Sonora, CA.

You can call us for a price and/or an appointment at (209) 694-4797.

We Clean:

  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial Business Offices
  • Special Event Venues
  • Move-ins/Move-outs
  • Motels & Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Assisted Living Complexes
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